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Virtual Visits

In this digital age, everything is at our fingertips, including virtual medical treatment. Wildflower Wellness is able to offer a convenient solution to patients through our Electronic Health Record,  Practice Better.


This secure software provides patients the accessibility to contact us through smartphone, computer, or tablet in order for a virtual naturopathic consultation


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How do you request a visit? 

There are a few ways to request a visit, depending on if you are a new or established 

  • Established

    • Call us at the office 601-298-3837 and we will get you scheduled ASAP. ​

    • Request a visit through your Practice Better Account either online or through the APP

  • New

    • Call us at the office 601-287-3837​

    • Send us an email through the contact form below

Contact Us

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Finding Your App to Download
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