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Our Patient

From a child, my father taught me the most important part in a medical practice is the patient. He always made sure those who were members of his medical practice were top priority. 

At Wildflower Wellness, we have the same stance.

Our Patient Is.......
  • The most important person ever - in person or on the telephone

  • Not dependent on us - we are dependent on him/her

  • Not an interruption of our work - but the purpose of it 

  • Not an outsider - but part of our profession 

  • Not cold statistics - but a flesh and blood human being with feelings and emotions like our own 

  • Not obligated to be our patient - but is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to serve him/her

  • A friend


Thanks Dad!

Below is a copy the Dr. Donald C Thompson, DPh MD had in the newspaper for his practice

Dr. Donald C. Thompson, DPh, MD
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