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Dr. Kirby's Pick

Part of Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicines are education and change. In efforts to help empower our patients, friends and families by bringing awareness of supplements, nutritionals, herbals, homeopathics, nutritionals, foods, testing and many more items in Naturopathic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have started this video series. School down and see of Dr. Kirby's picks for the past year. There is also a link to her youtube channel where you can see All of Dr. Kirby's picks starting in January 2017. How time does fly.  We would love it if you would also like us on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Please click on the links below!

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Last 12 months of Dr. Kirby's Pick
For more videos, please click the link above to get to our YouTube Channel.
February 2020 -  A Little about Psoriasis
October 2019 - Hypothyroid Part I
August 2019 - Carpal Tunnel
June 2019-Chlorophyll

March 2019 - Detox

January 2019 -  The Difference between Acupuncture and Dry Needling
March 2020 - Staying Well
December 2019 - Antibiotics - Caution with Overuse and Options
September 2019 - Anxiety and Sleep
July 2019 - Fiber

April 2019 - Looking Young 

February 2019 - Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart
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