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We provide many services to address health for our patients. We believe in supporting the body with what it needs in order to address your health goals and concerns to help you achieve your best health. This includes supporting the body when the disease process has already begun and prevention and maintenance of health once it is achieved. Please check with your practitioner if you would like to know more about or use one of the following in your health program. You only have one body. Take care of it. 

​You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide.

Naturopathic Medicine

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


Naturopathic Medicine is a discipline that addresses both the acute and underlying causes of your symptoms. 

Please contact us today for questions and pricing!!

Regulatory Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture are a time tested way of addressing health concenrs. There are a pleathora of conditions acupuncture can treat and many more for which it can be helpful to balance conditions. 

Please contact us today if you would like to know if Acupuncture may be helpful in treating you today!

Facial Rejuvenation


Naturopathic Medicine

427 Weathersby Road

Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Medical Thermogaphy
Infrared Sauna

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

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